Charlotte Checkers Hartford Wolf Pack CT Lottery The Charlotte Checkers of the ECHL have called a major news conference for Wednesday morning. Howlings has learned that Checkers owner, Michael Kahn will announce his team is moving up from the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) to the American Hockey League (AHL) next season becoming the affiliate of the Carolina Hurricanes. Currently The Albany River Rats serve in that capacity.

It is expected that this move by Carolina could trigger a series of other moves by a number of other AHL teams.

While it is NOT our practice to report on unsubstantiated rumors, there is enough talk among reasonable sources that this move by Charlotte could snowball into several teams shifting their locations and/or affiliations next season.  Again, this is NOT FACT, simply RUMOR!!!

Two things that will be fact is that Albany will not have an AHL team after this move is made. Also, at least at this point, the New York Rangers won’t NOT have an ECHL affiliate next season.

More details on this situation as it plays out.

6 responses to “CHECKERS AHL-BOUND

  1. This afternoon there will be a news conference in Oklahoma City where they will welcome the Edmonton Oilers as parent club to a new AHL team for next season.

    The Springfield Falcons, currently the Oilers AHL affiliate announced last week that the Oilers will not return next season.

    There are several NHL teams that are unhappy with their current affiliations. So you’re right on Mitch…there will be LOTS of AHL movement soon!

  2. Albany has a large stadium and a lot of empty seats at most games. What the Rangers should be looking to do is get something in Brooklyn(near Brighton Beach with all those Russians who like hockey or a place in Westchester -White Plains,Rye or Tarrytown. 5,000 seating capacity would be about right.

  3. There are a LOT of things going around right now. My sources are telling me Albany is not near the top of the list for the Rangers in terms of the AHL…possibly for the ECHL though. 5,000 seat capacity is not enough for the AHL. Hershey, the top draw averages 9,000 a game. The Pack when they first came to Hartford drew in that neck of the woods also. I think the best scenario has the Pack moving to Bridgeport. MSG has two more years on their lease. It wouldn’t be inconceivable to have the Pack move to Bridgeport and they put the ECHL team in Hartford. If the Islanders could get out of Bridgeport they would do it. Albany might be attractive to them to go… A lot of this will depend upon what Mr. Wang wants to do about keeping his team in LI.

  4. Mitch,
    The Times Union Center in Albany – Where the River Rat’s currently play has a max capacity of 17,500. the Upper deck is rarely open – Even for Siena MBB games.
    Typically for Rat’s vs Wolfpack games, the Wolfpack fans out draw Rats Fans. It would be a great fit, 90 min from MSG. The fan support would dramatically increase.. Albany is Ranger territory

    Bring on the Pack!

    – Alb resident who can walk to the games….

    • Peter I live in Albany too and agree 100% i never go to a rats game unless the Pack is in Town and i go fully decked out in Rangers gear. If they made the move i would buy season tickets over the summer