UPDATE: (12:10am)

We have just heard from another VERY reliable source that the information we had about this being the new Logo, which we got from someone who has been reliable with us in the past, might be wrong. We’ll look into it on Tuesday. 


In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is; this will be the logo for the new Connecticut Whale when it’s released on Wednesday.

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  1. The logo itself is cool but if they couldn’t make it the Connecticut Whalers I think they should’ve went int a different direction. “Whale” just sounds weird to me because it’s singular.

    Thanks for all the updates throughout this whole process, you do a great job with this blog!

  2. Looks cool!

  3. Nathaniel Peterson

    I like the use of shading and highlighting on the whale’s tail in different shades of blue, similar to that seen on the Wolfpack logo.

  4. This is offensively bad.

  5. This is NOT the logo that the Connecticut Whale will be debuting. Rather, this is a logo which was part of a concept made at the Chris Creamer Sports Logo Message Board a few weeks back.

  6. I find it strangely off-center and very CANUCKS like with the colors & the “C” being very close to near-closed…

  7. PK, the green and blue were chosen because those were the colors of the Hartford Whalers. It’s true the Canucks used green and blue in the 70s, and went back to it after the Whalers left, but come on…you’re going to associate these colors with the Canucks rather than the Whalers?