Danbury WhalersvehicleThere are a few times during a season where a team comes together for a special moment.  This happened for the Danbury Whalers Hockey Club on Monday night, early Tuesday morning, as they recorded an assist but not in the traditional hockey score sheet you would normally see.

At midnight on Monday, as the team was coming home from their road trip to Binghamton following their 5-4 Overtime win over the Broome County Barons in Federal Hockey League action, Celebration Travel and Tours bus driver, John Phenix called out “Call 911 – Call 911”.

Driving ahead of the team bus on 84, a pickup truck veered off the road and into the center embankment of the highway.  The vehicle flipped over a few times and finally came to rest completely turned over.  The bus stopped, the Danbury Whalers players got out and rushed into action.

Players Devin Guy & Ryan Donovan immediately crawled under the vehicle, spoke to the driver, and kicked out the back window glass.  In quickly assessing the situation, the players acted and pulled the driver out of the vehicle.  Other Danbury players Augie DiMarzo & Nick Niedert also were on the scene to aid in the cause.

The incident happened in Kent, New York about 15 miles outside of Danbury on route 84 heading Eastbound.

To a man all the players mentioned and not mentioned wanted to downplay this incident and what took place.  We felt this was such a special act – that it had to be recognized.

From the Danbury Whalers organization to our players…

We are so proud of you and the way you represent this team, organization, and city.  Thank you for being so much more than we ever could have expected.

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