ValliquetteThere are certain people that you meet over the course of your life that just leave an indelible impression upon you…Steve Valiquette is one of those people.

“Vali,” is a 13-year pro who has played for several teams and at just about every level of professional hockey. Some might take all that moving around and become bitter. Not Valiquette. In his case it has made him a better and stronger person who appreciates the moment and just a delight to know.

One of the great things about him as a person is his desire to share what he knows and what he’s learned as a professional with young people.

He has a camp for young goaltenders that he’s been doing for several years that ‘s held at Wonderland of Ice in Bridgeport, CT.  This year for the High School age kids, the camp dates are June 27-30. For the real youngsters, they start at age seven and go up to age thirteen, the camp runs from July 5-8.

We caught up with “Vali” while driving to a game to catch up with ex-teammate Scott Gomez in Montreal on Friday afternoon.

For more information on Steve Valiquette, you can check out his website at

For a sign up sheet if you, or you have kids that you’d like to send to his camp, you can fill out the application by following this link.

If you need more information, Vali will respond personally to any inquiries about the camp at

Here are Steve Valiquette’s career stats as provided by

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