new-york-rangers-logo Well while we were 100% down and out, and know at least back up to our knees, Sean Avery was put on waivers and cleared and now has been officially recalled by the New York Rangers.

Avery is an exceptionally popular player in New York. His no holds barred, “to-hell-with-the-rules” attitude plays well in “The Word’s Most Famous Under Renovation Arena.”


How much skill Avery brings to the table is questionable. But that has never stopped the fans before from the adulation that they have for him.

Avery will hit…and sometimes cleanly.

He can certainly agitate and his ability to skate has never been a question, but what he brings to the table besides that is debatable.

While he was in Hartford playing for the Whale, he played hard and contributed. That’s likely what the Rangers were looking for from him because they called him back after making so many comments that they were essentially done with him. But with Mike Rupp apparently going to be down for a while; the team still in a state of limbo in terms of finding it’s identity, the need for Avery is there and thus the recall.

It is not known whether or not Avery will play in the Rangers Thursday night game, but that is still to be determined.

Whether this stay in New York is permanent or temporary is likely up to Avery. If he takes the demotion as an incentive to life his game and he performs, then he’ll likely stick. However if he goes back to habits that Head Coach John Tortorella does not like, then he’s likely heading back to wearing the Whale logo on his chest. If he does get sent back down, it’s highly unlikely that he would be given another sot at coming back to the Big Apple.

However it turns out, Avery never played in a home game for the Whale so he wasn’t that available to the press, but given it went like it did; “Sean, we hardly knew ye…”  

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