BY: Mitch Beck

The storm that they have now nicknamed “Alfred” continues to devastate all of Connecticut. Reports state that this storm caused the most damage in state history including the Hurricane Irene that happened just two moths ago.

What does that mean overall?

It means that my home, much like most of the state is still without electricity, other than the small generator that’s providing heat and hot water and keeping our refrigerator  running. We are without phones, internet or virtually anything else. On the bright side it’s nice and sunny wouldn’t you say?

In an event, we are sitting here in a public library on our mini-laptop banging this out and worked to find a way to get our weekend post out to you. We will be at the Wednesday morning matinee of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers and the Connecticut Whale starting at 11am. We’ll have our regular coverage at @howlingstoday on Twitter and hope to get our story here within a reasonable time afterwards depending upon how things are going with power restoration and some other factors.

In any event, we apologize (this is becoming a bad habit, us apologizing all the time) and as soon as this state, our town and my home are back up to speed these inconveniences should stop.


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