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Bruce BerletBy Bruce Berlet

Former NHL player and coach Barry Melrose has always been an entertaining personality and a straight shooter as an ESPN hockey analyst.

Not surprisingly, Melrose picked two former Hartford Whalers as the greatest power forwards in NHL history. Melrose’s criteria was the candidate has to be a frontline player, very physical and has to fight. He’s not just a big guy who is a very good player who scores but is a big, mean, nasty, physical, tough guy to play against. Melrose’s picks have a lot of goals and penalty minutes and are the type of guy the other team didn’t like to play against.

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BY: Mitch Beck with Adam Gavriel

DelZotto_M_0526_action2For athletes looking to develop a professional career, the path to achieving it, in many ways, resembles the four-year high school matriculation process.

As a rookie, a player enters their freshman year; the new kid on the block. Expectations are high, but there are a lot of unknowns.

By an athlete’s second season, the awkward first year mistakes should be minimalized and the expectations elevate.

The third year is the critical test. In high school, adjustments have been and the child that showed up for freshman year is expected to be gone. The adjustments that have been learned from the second year are now fully implemented. There’s more responsibility. More pressure to be, pardon the cliché, all that you can be are clearly beginning to emerge.

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