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Bruce Berlet 7BY: Bruce Berlet

Aaron Voros knows all about the unemployment rate in the United States continuing to hover around nine percent.

Voros, who spent the last eight seasons in the AHL and NHL, was part of the jobless force as he sat around New York City, training on his own but without work prospects, not far from where his former team played in Madison Square Garden and where he and Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist and best friend/left wing Sean Avery own a restaurant.

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pg2_a_hockeyfight1_576If you are unsure about why the New York Rangers have signed Left winger Aaron Voros to a Professional Try-Out contract with the Connecticut Whale, you’re not alone.

There are any number of questions you could fairly raise. Here are four right off the top of the head.

1) Is this signing a favor to Marian Gaborik? Could he and Voros been pals when they were both with the Minnesota Wild? (Update: It actually turns out that it might have something more to do with his best buddies Sean Avery and Henrik Lundqvist)

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